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Our analysis


Climate emergency

Buildings produce
of the CO2 total emissions and consume 70%
of generated electrical power
Buildings produce 40% of the CO2 total emissions and consume 70% of generated electrical power.

Shortage of water

buildings consume 13% of the drinkable water

Planet degradation

Buildings use 40% of planet's raw materials

Health deterioration

Buildings cause 30% additional deaths during the winter period.
Fossil energy is volatile and will soon run out.
Social impact
80% of people live in energy poverty in Europe

In Spain

26M homes + 11M€ buildings will need to be refurbished by 2050.
By 2050, buildings must be Zero CO2, regarding EU regulation. The Spanish public administration must refurbish 300,000 square meters per year to achieve these goals (not begun to do yet).
COVID19 brought up more concerns on health and general well being, whether at home or working / entertaining.

Our values

Through years of practice in real estate, finance, and social economy, we concluded that the one-sided approach was obsolete.
By putting the community at large at the center of the investment process, we seek more stable financial results, more resilient, and efficient assets. We use the theory of change to identify challenges, contributions, and outcomes and apply it to real estate.

Our view

An economic shock. Soon, billons euros worth of assets will be obsolete due to environmental regulation changes, taxation on pollution, energy costs, and investor's/user's strong views on where they invest their money, which will impact capital value and occupancy.
GIG’s strategy focuses on designing, evaluating, and monitoring economic, social, and ecological KPI’s to develop, advise or invest in real estate projects. To make the whole methodology more practical and meaningful, we use the SDG goals as reference for each investment and its impact.
People, Planet and Profit in an Impact Management Cycle with full transparency.

Our strengths

We developed over the years knowledge and networking in our industries (energy, real estate, social economy, and banking).
The sum of our abilities allows us to consider every
stakeholder in a real estate project
gig: comprehensive understanding of
each stakeholder
Green: knowing how to produce
sustainable and energy efficient
Growth: making income
streams less volatile and enhance
capital gain
Impact: on direct or indirect
social environment

Our view

GIG is a Pluri-disciplinary real estate company with sustainable building specialists, green/ethic finance bankers, real estate professionals, and social impact leaders.
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