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We offer tailor-made services for end-users, landlords, or developers/investors designing impact strategies for the real estate sector. We evaluate each project considering three main components carefully: Financial Return / Social Impact / Environmental Efficiency.
Some of the services we can offer include:
  1. Adapt real estate projects to an impact model
  2. Develop RE impact investing strategies
  3. Create new projects on existing land
  4. Finance / Fund RE Impact Projects
  5. Design RE Impact Investment projects
  6. Advise end users on their real estate strategies

Investment management

Today's investors need to care about their impact and monitor it over a long period of time. At GIG, we provide a full investment management service for investors under a dual-return mandate, focusing on both financial returns and social or environmental impact.
  1. Source opportunities depending on the investor profile
  2. Promote shareholders’ ethics and financial values
  3. Manage acquisition and asset management
  4. Find the right operator / tenant to align investment with building use
  5. Measure and create a community based real estate asset
  6. Divest to like-minded investor


Thanks to our extensive sector network and impact funds contacts, we can perfectly match real estate assets and developments with the right capital source. We define the parameters that need to be met beforehand and contact the correct fund directly.

Financial services

The way in which finance is used to leverage projects has changed, and so has the tools. At GIG we combine and choose the most appropriate capital source in equity or loan to finance assets.
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